Product Introduction

GS12 - 4G CATM1 4PIN 250MAH
1. Remotely cut-off petrol/electricity
2. Real-time Tracking
3. Cut-wire alarm
4. Low Battery Alarm
5. S0S Alarm
6. ACC Detection
7.Remotely Voice Monitoring
8.4G Network
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 Product Description 


GPS Tracker GS12 - suitable for car tracking, motorcycle dealership, fleet management

GS12 is an intelligent vehicle gps tracker which combines  4G full netcom wireless communication technology and GPS/BDS satellite navigation with ACC detction, disassemble alarm, overspeed alarm, mileage statistics, remotely cut-off petrol/electricity and other functions.

GS12 is mainly used in the insurance industry, enterprise fleet industry, auto manufacturers or 4S stores, individuals, electric new energy fileds, passenger vehicles, taxis, rental vehicles, etc.

t Description
Product Parameters 


•Device Name4G GPS Tracker
•FeaturesMultiple functions
•Device Dimension84mm(L)*38mm(W)*19mm(H)
•Device weight54g
•Quad BandLTE 4G/2G
•GPS Accuracy<=5m
•Voltage Input9-90v
•Back-up Battery250mAh
•Positioning Time                            Hot Start<1SEC(Open Sky)

Cold Start<32SEC(Open Sky)
•GPS Sensitivity-160dBm
•Tracking Sensitivity-162dBm
•Operating Temperature    -20℃—75℃

Product Functions 


•Real-time Tracking     Update position every 10 seconds with continuous tracking.
•4G TechnologyCat M1 or Car 4 4G fast positioning service.
•Trace PlaybackCheck the history trace of your asset to help you find useful information
•Mileage ReportIt can help you to know how far you drive.
•Over-Speed AlarmWhen your speed is over what you set, it will send alarm to remind you keep safe.
•Geo-fence AlarmUsers can set a range of geo-fence on map with circle, polygon or customize shape, and it will alarm when the device gets in or out of presetting range via APP or SMS.
•Remotely Cut-off Petrol/ElectricityRemotely control vehicle engine via platform, app or sms to avoid someone driving the vehicle illegally.
•SOS Emergency CallMake emergency call when in danger.

Remotely Voice Monitoring

Platform/APP/SMS Checking

Remotely hear sound around individuals.

Various methods like platform, app, sms to check asset status.


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