The Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CDNCA and the Vietnam visiting delegation come to guide!

On the morning of April 28th, Chen Xiangfeng, Chairman of the Enterprise Committee of the Shanghai Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association(CDNCA), accompanied a Vietnam delegation including Chairman of NVC, President of Xianquan Group and General Manager of Vietnam iDG Fund to visit and guide WanWay. The Chairman of the company, Wang Changjun, and relevant department heads warmly received and held discussions and exchanges.

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The visiting delegation first visited WanWay Group and WanWay Research Institute. Mr. Wang introduced the overall situation of the enterprise and the research and development technology to the foreign guests in detail, and introduced the main functions and application scenarios of the products through specific cases and on-site demonstrations. 

After the visit, both sides had in-depth communication. Mr. Wang introduced to the leaders the overall solution of the company centered on "Intelligent Sensing-AI Core Algorithm-Intelligent Platform-Digital Operation", and the company's competitive advantages in the fields of commercial vehicle intelligence, automotive finance risk control, automotive circulation and owner services, intelligent city, and environmental governance. Especially in the field of smart logistics, the company has explored the construction of a full-domain digital location service. 


Chairman Chen and the visiting delegation representatives highly praised WanWay's achievements in the development of IoT-enabled digitalization. Chairman Chen said that through this visit, he had a detailed understanding of the implementation of WanWay's product scenario applications, and combined with the specific usage scenarios of the products, he gained a systematic understanding of the company's operation status. The visiting delegation representatives expressed their needs for the development trends in finance, construction, new energy, agriculture, and other industries, and expressed their demands for WanWay's digitization exploration. Especially in promoting the cooperation between Vietnamese online banks and traditional banks, they proposed strategic cooperation, and both sides reached a series of cooperation intentions.


The visit and guidance from the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the Vietnamese delegation has achieved good results. A series of achievements have been reached, and it has also provided new knowledge and learning for WanWay in overseas development. In the future, WanWay will adhere to its positioning in the development of the times, continue to increase innovation and research and development investment, cultivate the core competitiveness of the company, and contribute to the innovation and development of the industry both domestically and internationally, as well as to the development of digital services import and export trade!