4G GPS Car Tracker with SOS Alarm
WanwayTech GS10 GPS tracker adopts 4G LTE technology and has SOS emergency call button installed.

GPS tracker with SOS alarm function is widely used in large fleet management and as well as the safety protection of the elderly and children. The main function of SOS alert is to get notification information quickly when we encounter an emergency.


When you buy a GPS tracker with an SOS button, you buy an emergency alarm device.


Why is it important for GPS locators to have an SOS button?

One of the basic features of GPS tracking devices is the SOS alert feature, although you can choose to omit this feature, but the SOS feature can provide important alerts in the event of an emergency while the vehicle is in motion. Remind users to take timely measures to solve related problems. It is an important part of modern vehicle management system.


We can list the many benefits of installing an SOS button for a GPS vehicle tracker:

1. This is an important way to ensure you get timely exceptions from your GPS fleet management system

2. To ensure that you encounter an emergency and respond in time

3. Send alerts and ask for help when needed.

4. Timely sense vehicle anomalies


GS10 is a 4G GPS tracking device with SOS function currently produced by WanwayTech

It covers LTE 4G/3G/2G mobile network. And it supports remote ignition and fuel cutoff, and can be used to track and manage cars, ships, heavy machinery, personal assets and commercial vehicles.

How to activate the SOS alarm function of GPS tracker GS10

When you need to use the SOS alarm function, you need to press and hold the locator's emergency SOS button for about 4 seconds to activate.

After activating SOS alerts, users designated by the administrator will be able to receive alerts via text or email.

Related functions of GPS locator GS10

•Real-time Tracking     Update position every 10 seconds with continuous tracking.
•4G TechnologyCat M1 or Car 4 4G fast positioning service.
•Trace PlaybackCheck the history trace of your asset to help you find useful information
•Mileage Reportit can help you to know how far you drive.
•Over-Speed AlarmWhen your speed is over what you set, it will send alarm to remind you keep safe.
•Geo-fence Alarmusers can set a range of geo-fence on map with circle, polygon or customize shape, and it will alarm when the device gets in or out of presetting range via APP or SMS.
•Remotely Cut-off Petrol/ElectricityRemotely control vehicle engine via platform, app or sms to avoid someone driving the vehicle illegally.
•SOS Emergency CallMake emergency call when in danger.
•Platform/APP/SMS CheckingVarious methods like platform, app, sms to check asset status.

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