GPS Tracking Systems for Vehicles

IOPGPS is a reliable GPS tracking APP to enable a complete tracking solution for personal, fleet companies, financing companies and other requirements in safety management areas. With the app you can track and monitor the vehicles in real time, see history playback, observe speed details and do smart vehicle management.

Why your fleet can choose IOPGPS

Our customers have spread all over the world. Our cloud location system platform has become the world's leading location big data platform. The location service capability covers 60+ countries. The global positioning capability covers 1 billion WIFI and 150 million base station signals worldwide. 100 million, the platform is currently tied to 6 million positioning terminals. We have built a platform architecture of 30+ types of risk systems, and have the trust of 100,000+.

GPS System Display

In order to facilitate users to understand our system more intuitively, we have launched a test page for the monitoring system.

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Real-Time Tracking

The tracking function can locate all vehicles and equipment, obtain position and status information, and facilitate staff to reasonably dispatch resources and improve efficiency.

Create Geo-fences

When the vehicle leaves the preset safe area, the platform will immediately provide alarm information. It can also be set to report early warning information when entering a dangerous area.

Driver Behavior

Analyze driver's fatigue driving time, night driving time, mileage and speeding, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration and other behaviors.

Reports & Analytics

Follow different reports. With a few clicks, get mileage by state, idle times, or aggressive driving reports.

Alert Notifications

Create custom alerts based on speed, location, hours of operation and receive notifications via text or email. Even send the alerts to multiple users.

Track playback

Track playback can view the vehicle's driving records over a period of time, which is very useful for optimizing vehicle routes and analyzing abnormal driving trajectories.

Platform Customization Cases

Risk control model customization

Customized exclusive risk control model based on customer's actual business model combined with customer's post-loan data.

Scooter rental customization

Customized risk management functions for scooters based on actual scooter rental business.

Customization of statement functions

According to the user's actual business needs, combined with the user system order data push customized statement to help users complete the reconciliation.

Path planning function customization

Aiming at the customers of the logistics vehicle industry, the special needs for the management of the vehicle's driving route can realize the path planning and the function of path deviation alarm.

Owner portrait customization

Combining user-provided data and platform positioning data to design the driving behavior of the owner.

Customization of lost contact analysis

Customized exclusive disconnection analysis model for vehicle disconnection, combined with customer information to help users identify the cause of vehicle disconnection.