The number of offline sales staff is difficult to manage, and the distribution of offline customers is difficult to control. Wanway products help companies manage people more effectively, control customer resources more effectively, and improve corporate management.

Utilizing the Internet and geographic location information system, it provides an industry application service for the travel management, business trip management and attendance sign-in management of corporate field staff, which can be widely used in the daily management of field staff in enterprises and institutions with a large number of employees. It is a boost for business management.

Staff Management Problems

Visit Tasks Making and Visit Process Controlling

Regular visits to customers are the key to winning customers. Through the management of visit plan, visit line and visit tasks can help companies to quantitatively manage the visit.

Field Data Collecting and Terminal Dynamics Controlling

Managers can control the market by knowing the front-line status of the market in a timely manner. Actively collect customer sales, inventory, SKUs, and competing product data when sales visit customers. A background check is required.

Field Staff Productivity


The field staff did not summarize their work and had insufficient time management to check the rankings of their departments and motivate themselves.

Field Staff Security


Field staff are on business trips, personal safety needs to be guaranteed, and companies need to know the location information of personnel in a timely manner.

Benefit from WanWayTech Solution

Tracking and Report


The tracking function can locate all vehicles and equipment, obtain position and status information, and facilitate staff to reasonably dispatch resources and improve efficiency. Track playback can view the vehicle's driving records over a period of time, which is very useful for optimizing vehicle routes and analyzing abnormal driving trajectories. By integrating vehicle information, the platform also provides you with a complete set of visual reports to build a data foundation for vehicle management.



The function of the electronic fence is that when the vehicle leaves the preset safe area, the platform will immediately provide alarm information. It can also be set to report early warning information when entering a dangerous area.

Driver Behavior Analysis


Data statistics and reasonable analysis of driver's fatigue driving time, night driving time, mileage and speeding, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration and other behaviors.

Functions Needed

Real-time Tracking

GPS/BDS/LBS positioning, master vehicle location information in time.

Trace Playback

History playback for 270 days, easily to get vehicle mileage, locations and other data.

User Define Geo-fence

Support circle, polygon or customized safety or risk area presetting

Alarm Notification

Various alarm setting and protecting notification upload

Fuel Detection

Detect vehicle fuel consumption condition


Analysis Report

Collect all the vehicles data and form a visual analysis report

Staff Management Partner:

Smart Electronics Company

•Tracking and positioning of field personnel and trajectory query
•Field attendance sign in.
•Task allocation and area management