UBI Insurance


UBI insurance solution provided by Wanway solves the comprehensive consideration of premium concessions for safer driver behavior

As a new type of insurance in the big data era, UBI is the main product form of internet of vehicles insurance. It can be understood as giving auto owners discounts based on driving behavior diagnosis, or paying mileage fee based on actual driving mileage. The driver's driving habits, driving technology, vehicle information and surrounding environment are integrated through the Internet of Vehicles, smart phones ,OBD and other connected devices to establish a multi-dimensional model of people, cars and roads (or environment) for pricing.

UBI Insurance Problems

Driving Behavior Evaluation

Insurance companies want to directly detect and evaluate driving behaviors rather than bring about a reorganization of risk understanding through indicators used in traditional policies.

Vehicle Condition Record

How to collect driving behavior, get information about where the accident happened, and analyze the cause of the abnormal failure.

Safe Driver Behavior Judgement

In order to regulate the driving behavior of drivers and respond to civilized driving standards, it is necessary to judge whether the driver is driving safely and then give insurance drivers discount.

Vehicle Driving Data Obtention

Collect and store the latest bad driving trip data for analysis including total driving time, mileage, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, average speed, maximum speed, and number of rapid acceleration and deceleration.

Benefit from WanWayTech Solution

Alarm Notifications

After detecting the collision of the vehicle, it will send the vehicle's collision alarm notification to the back end of the platform, and get the rescue and settlement of claims for exploration to confirm the accident location.

Collect and Upload Data

Diagnostic functions are used to transmit vehicle-related data, such as vehicle speed, speed, steering angle, driving direction, whether the vehicle is faulty, etc., and transmit these data to the background.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Data statistics and reasonable analysis of driver fatigue driving time, night driving time, mileage and speeding, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration and other behaviors.

Recommended GPS

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Wired GPS Tracking Device

-Remotely cut-off petrol/electricity
-Disassemble alarm: light sensor & 
disassemble alarm detection.
-Rapid acceleration or deceleration
/sharp turn/collision alarm notification
-Platform/APP/SMS command checking-Hidden LED indicator design
-Mini size, easy to hide
-IPx5 waterproof design

Wanway gps tracker, Chinese gps tracker supplier, vehicle tracker, car gps tracking device

Long Standby Time Rechargeable GPS

-5800mAh long battery life
-Strong magnetic
-Recycle to charge
-Light sensor & disassemble alarm
-LED hidden indicator design
-Logo customization
-Voice monitoring

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Tracking&Diagnostics GPS Tracker

-Smart malfunction diagnose
-Accuracy positioning
-Smart plug and play
-Platform/APP/SMS checking
-OBDII port for most vehicles
-Dedicate design
-Logo customization
-Warranty & service

More Products

Functions needed

Real-time Tracking

GPS/BDS/LBS positioning, master vehicle location information in time.

Trace Playback

History playback for 270 days, easily to get vehicle mileage, locations and other data.

User Define Geo-fence

Support circle, polygon or customized safety or risk area presetting

Alarm Notification

Various alarm setting and protecting notification upload

Fuel Detection

Detect vehicle fuel consumption condition


Analysis Report

Collect all the vehicles data and form a visual analysis report

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UBI insurance partners:

PIC Insurance Co., Ltd

Wanway gps tracker, Chinese gps tracker supplier, vehicle tracker, car gps tracking device

Cooperation results

•Optimization of driver's dangerous driving behavior
•Eliminating hidden dangers to vehicle safety before driving
•Instant reminder of dangerous situations during driving
•Data record playback after an accident facilitates division of responsibility for the accident