Kids Protection


Create a smart and safe campus, and realize the communication of information among teachers, parents, and students through the integration of the Internet of Things and wireless communication technologies.

The management of the campus lies in how to improve the quality and knowledge of children, and the communication of information among children, teachers, and parents is particularly important. Firstly, parents can check the status of students at any time and protect kids through the APP in all aspects. Secondly, schools can perform intelligent attendance and safety management through the cloud platform to solve many problems such as difficulties for children to attend and leave school. Thirdly, teachers can view classroom reports generated in real time through the classroom answering platform to make teaching more efficient.

Kids Protection Problems

Attendance Reminder

you can know whether your children comply with school regulations, attend class on time, and return  home from school on time.

Children's Living Conditions

You want to talk to your children and care about their life and  situation related to their classmates, but the school do not allow them to use mobile phones at school.

Child Safety Issues

If your children are sexually playful and do not return home on time on the way to school,  you can use our devices to ensure their safety.

Children's Study Condition

You can supervise whether your children are making the most of his time at school.

Benefit from WanWayTech Solution

Tracking and Report

The tracking function can locate all vehicles and equipment, obtain position and status information, and facilitate staff to reasonably dispatch resources and improve efficiency. Track playback can view the vehicle's driving records over a period of time, which is very useful for optimizing vehicle routes and analyzing abnormal driving trajectories. By integrating vehicle information, the platform also provides you with a complete set of visual reports to build a data foundation for vehicle management.

Geo-fence and Alarm

The function of the electronic fence is that when the vehicle leaves the preset safe area, the platform will immediately provide alarm information. It can also be set to report early warning information when entering a dangerous area.

Remotely Cut-off Petrol/Electricity

Excavators are expensive construction machinery and equipment. Many owners choose to buy excavators by installments or loans. The installation of GPS can effectively prevent the owner from not repaying or owing the balance. Remote one-click lock.

Recommended GPS

GP10 Personal GPS Tracker

Real-time Tracking

User Define Geo-fence

SMS Notification

Remotely Voice Monitoring

Built-in Battery

More Products

Functions needed

Real-time Tracking

GPS/BDS/LBS positioning, master vehicle location information in time.

Trace Playback

History playback for 270 days, easily to get vehicle mileage, locations and other data.

User Define Geo-fence

Support circle, polygon or customized safety or risk area presetting

Alarm Notification

Various alarm setting and protecting notification upload

Fuel Detection

Detect vehicle fuel consumption condition


Analysis Report

Collect all the vehicles data and form a visual analysis report

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Kids Protection Partner:  

NKF Primary School

Cooperation results

•Detect children's arrival information
•Parents can check the child's status at any time through the platform
•Automatically generate attendance records
•Setting up a safety fence for kids