WanWay provides engineering machinery solutions to help you carry out safe and compliant engineering construction

Nowadays, GPS positioning equipment is more and more widely used. In addition to our common automobile GPS installation, many engineering machinery and equipment will also be installed, such as excavators. The GPS system can not only make the excavator operator's construction work smarter, more accurate, and easier to operate, but also enable manufacturers to build communication bridges with major markets, reduce operating costs and increase profit margins.

Construction Machinery Problems

Construction Machinery Tracking

Managers want to grasp the driving status and working condition analysis of construction machinery and equipment in real time.

Construction Machinery Dispatchment

Master all the construction environment on the site, and send out early warning information when the excavator is about to reach the edge of the pit or touch an obstacle.

Construction Machinery Protection

Excavators are valuable and the price of spare parts is relatively high. Some criminals sneak into the construction site when they are neglected, stealing diesel or other spare parts, and even stealing the entire excavator.

Construction Staff Security Assurance

People's safety is also an aspect that needs to be considered for the company. When employees use construction machinery and equipment, their personal safety needs to be guaranteed, and in case of distress, they can get rescue in time.

Benefit from WanWayTech Solution

Tracking and Report


The tracking function can locate all vehicles and equipment, obtain position and status information, and facilitate staff to reasonably dispatch resources and improve efficiency. Track playback can view the vehicle's driving records over a period of time, which is very useful for optimizing vehicle routes and analyzing abnormal driving trajectories. By integrating vehicle information, the platform also provides you with a complete set of visual reports to build a data foundation for vehicle management.



The function of the electronic fence is that when the vehicle leaves the preset safe area, the platform will immediately provide alarm information. It can also be set to report early warning information when entering a dangerous area.

Driver Behavior Analysis


Data statistics and reasonable analysis of driver's fatigue driving time, night driving time, mileage and speeding, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration and other behaviors.

Functions Needed

Real-time Tracking

GPS/BDS/LBS positioning, master vehicle location information in time.

Trace Playback

History playback for 270 days, easily to get vehicle mileage, locations and other data.

User Define Geo-fence

Support circle, polygon or customized safety or risk area presetting

Alarm Notification

Various alarm setting and protecting notification upload

Fuel Detection

Detect vehicle fuel consumption condition


Analysis Report

Collect all the vehicles data and form a visual analysis report

Construction Partner:

NC National  Construction

Cooperation results

•Monitoring driving status and working condition analysis
•Intelligently positioning, sense and collect obstacles
•Effectively prevent the owner of Party B from failing to repay or owing the balance
•Anti-theft and timely trigger alarm function