Advantages of Installing GPS Trackers in Construction Machinery
We can mount the gps tracking device on your machinery such as cranes, excavators and earthmovers, generators, trailers, and so on.

With the rapid development of the construction industry and the increasingly fierce market competition, construction machinery is an indispensable equipment in construction. The number of equipment directly determines the progress of each project. For project contractors, the cost of construction machinery and equipment is very high. Construction engineering enterprises urgently need some advanced and scientific modern management methods to reduce production costs in order to win market competitiveness. The construction machinery GPS locator effectively optimizes the production and scheduling of projects, improves the efficiency of vehicle use, and reduces production costs through functions such as vehicle dispatch, coordination of construction site vehicles, job scheduling, route planning, and fuel consumption control!


The advantages of installing GPS locator in construction machinery:


1. With the continuous development of social economy and the development of science and technology, GPS is widely used in various engineering measurement fields, because GPS positioning is very accurate and can reach an unprecedented level of precision. It not only changes the traditional construction method, but also promotes the enterprise development of modern construction machinery.


2. Reduce the operating cost of large-scale machinery in the leasing industry. Risk control is an important issue in the construction equipment leasing industry. If we rely entirely on manual statistics, not only the information is not timely, but also human evaluation errors will occur. The use of detailed data from GPS devices is the most powerful basis for judgment. Effectively monitor these large machines to facilitate normal collections and reduce operating costs.


3. After the construction machinery is installed with the GPS locator, managers can monitor and manage remotely, not only can they view the real-time location of the machinery at any time, but also monitor their working status, including driving routes, working hours, and fuel consumption monitoring.


Construction machinery GPS locator features:


Real-time positioning: Managers can check the real-time position, driving direction and route of the machine through the computer platform and mobile APP at any time.


Electronic fence: Managers can set up an electronic area, and when construction machinery enters or leaves this area, they will receive fence alarm information.


Fuel consumption detection: A fuel consumption sensor can be installed to monitor changes in fuel consumption in real time, and generate refueling reports based on changes in fuel consumption to prevent illegal behaviors such as fuel theft.


ACC detection: It can monitor whether the engine status of construction machinery is working or shutting down. The working hours of the machinery can also be monitored.


Remote oil and electricity disconnection: The oil and electricity disconnection command may be remotely issued through the platform or mobile APP, and the control machine cannot be started. It is also possible to remotely issue a recovery command to restore the normal startup of the machine.


Installing GPS trackers on construction machinery can not only improve enterprise service levels, improve customer experience, simplify and enhance the management of construction machinery, but also reduce operating costs and improve business benefits. Therefore, Heavy machinery GPS tracker has irreplaceable significance and effect on construction machinery management.


Our battery-powered GPS Asset Tracking devices are low-cost, low-power, and energy-efficient. Their small size means that they can be rotated between different construction site assets