Does Vehicle GPS Tracker Affect Car Battery Life?
GPS trackers help car owners or fleet managers track and monitor vehicle location in real-time to prevent vehicle theft.

Car gps trackers are divided into two types: built-in batteries and those that require wiring. The gps tracking devices including the wiring type can track in real time, monitor the vehicle position at any time, check historical trajectories, and issue various driving reports.


Vehicle gps trackers are widely used in official fleet management, private car anti-theft, loan car tracking and many other industries. Many car owners or drivers have such questions, how much power does the installation of a car GPS tracker consume on the vehicle battery, and will it affect the service life of the vehicle battery?


In general, the wired gps trackers need to be connected to the vehicle battery to work, which will inevitably cause battery power loss. The old gps tracker has no intelligent work function, and it continuously locates and transmits, and consumes a relatively large amount of power.


However, most of the current new GPS trackers consume relatively little power, and some also have intelligent work functions. When the vehicle stops, the device enters the standby state. At this time, it does not communicate with satellites to search for satellite positioning, and only sends heartbeat packet data to ensure that the GPS is online for a long time. In this deep standby state, the power consumption is less than the self-discharge of the car battery and can be ignored. So it has no effect on the car battery.


When the vehicle is on fire, the motion sensor of the device will detect the vibration of the body, the GPS tracker will enter the working state, and communicate with the satellite in real time, without affecting the use of GPS.


Therefore, the power consumption of the car gps tracking device depends on the power consumption and function of the gps tracker. In general, it will not affect the service life of the car battery, and the owner can use it with confidence.


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