How to protect your car with gps tracking devices from WanwayTech
With the consistent rise in vehicle theft and hijackings, it is important to install vehicle tracking devices to ensure that your vehicles don't become another crime statistic.

With auto theft a growing problem in some communities, drivers have invested in new technologies to catch thieves and retrieve stolen vehicles. GPS trackers, like the ones manufactured by WanwayTech, provide real-time location insights about your vehicle and send notifications when your car leaves the boundaries of a geographical area—or "geofence." 

Learn how to keep your car safe with GPS and why WanwayTech products provide ongoing peace of mind. 

What is GPS?

GPS is a system of over 30 navigation satellites that circle Earth. These satellites constantly send out signals to smartphones, tracking devices, and other technologies with GPS receivers. When a receiver calculates its distance from four or more satellites, it can tell you its precise location. 

You might already be familiar with GPS if you use apps like Uber or GrubHub on your smartphone. GPS receivers inside your phone pinpoint your exact location, allowing drivers to provide transportation services. GPS-enabled tracking devices work in a similar way but can identify a location with greater accuracy than a smartphone. As a result, you can keep your car safe and prevent theft. 

How WanwayTech GPS Tracker Protect Cars

GPS tracking devices monitor the location of your vehicle 24 hours a day. You usually attach one of these gadgets to a glove box, rear bumper, center console, or somewhere else in your car with magnets or cables and start tracking your vehicle on your computer or smartphone. 

The best GPS trackers send you notifications when your car leaves a preset geofence, allowing you to take quick action. You can discover the location of your stolen vehicle and report this information to law enforcement. That helps police officers locate and retrieve your vehicle. You can also send location information to your insurance company when claiming for car theft or damage. 

If you own several vehicles for work purposes, you can attach a GPS tracker to each car and improve liability in your organization. For example, you can analyze the routes of employees who use your cars to deliver services and prevent theft. The best GPS tracker manufacturers let you monitor all your devices from one system. 

GPS trackers offer additional benefits. These devices can tell you how many miles you have driven in your vehicle and provide insights about fuel efficiency. You can place a tracker on other high-value items, too. Consider attaching a GPS device to valuables in your home or workplace and quickly identify the location of these items. 

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