The role of the geo-fence on the GPS tracking platform
Geo-fence of GPS trackers can help car owners or fleet managers track and monitor vehicle location in real-time to prevent vehicle theft.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the global automobile industry, both car rental companies and online car-hailing companies have equipped their own vehicles with vehicle trajectory monitoring systems and GPS trackers, and formulated a vehicle management process system that conforms to the company, thus forming an effective The vehicle supervision system has improved its own enterprise operation and management strength.

In fact, the vehicle tracking and monitoring system is not a very complicated program. As a beginner, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the pages on the system. It can be a bit difficult if it involves very detailed management application functions. For example, in terms of WanwayTech's vehicle tracking platform, many enterprise customers tend to use the "geo fence" function.

The types of geo fences on the GPS tracking platform can be divided into two categories: one is a custom fence, and customers can plan and mark the driving range of the vehicle according to their own project needs. After the marking is completed, you can set the name of the geo fence. The other type is the administrative area geo fence, which can be divided into administrative area fences according to the corresponding prefecture-level, county-level, and provincial-level, such as vehicles leaving the province or vehicles entering the urban area.

Geo fences are widely used in fleet companies. For example, in an attendance fleet management scenario, when the target vehicle enters a certain area, it can alarm, and it can also alarm when it leaves a certain area. The interval between the two alarm times records the time of the vehicle location.

In the scenario of vehicle financial risk control, when the target vehicle leaves the administrative area specified in the contract, the financial risk control personnel will focus on monitoring the vehicle until the vehicle returns safely. In the scenario of company vehicle management, when the target car leaves the normal business area, the company manager or supervisor will contact the corresponding driver to ask the reason for leaving the area, preventing the private use of the company vehicle.

In short, the geo fence function on the vehicle trajectory monitoring system has the characteristics of anti-theft, anti-private use, and standardized management; it is favored by vehicle supervisors. Construction machinery, agricultural equipment, taxis, online car-hailing, special vehicles and other types of vehicles.

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