Where to Install the Car GPS Tracker

With the development of car positioning, many friends will install GPS tracking devices on their cars to manage their own vehicles, but what are the requirements for the installation location of the GPS trackers we install?


First of all, we need to know that different types of GPS trackers are installed in different locations. For example, some friends want to install easier and have no requirements for concealment. They can buy one with an OBD interface and install it directly on the car. It can be used by inserting the OBD port;


For the GPS trackers required by some vehicle rental companies, they have many requirements for the function and timeliness of the locator, so most of them will buy a wired locator, and the installation position will mostly be selected on the side of the main and co-pilot. The connection line of the tracker is connected to the internal line. As long as the vehicle battery has electricity, the GPS tracker can continue to work. Other places, such as trunk lines, can be installed as long as it avoids the engine compartment and has vehicle lines;


There is also a wireless GPS tracker. This type of locator does not require wiring and has better concealment. Most of the wireless locators have their own strong magnets and can be attached to the vehicle. The installation position is determined by you, such as the vehicle seat. Iron parts such as the bottom of the seat, the storage box of the vehicle's co-pilot, the main and co-pilot floor mats of the vehicle, the trunk of the vehicle, and the inside of the vehicle's spare tire can be adsorbed, and can be used wherever there is a signal.



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