Why must GPS trackers be installed on dangerous goods transport vehicles?
GPS locators can minimize the losses caused by hazardous chemicals to society, the environment and capital during transportation. It has become an inevitable trend to install GPS locators on hazardous chemicals transport vehicles.

Due to the particularity of the transportation of dangerous goods, GPS locators can help managers to monitor the movement and trajectory of vehicles in real time, and make scheduling according to the current road environment and state, and can also help drivers understand more road conditions through the management system.

In addition, within the specified road sections and road conditions, dangerous goods transport vehicles have speed limits, which is to ensure the smooth and safe driving of vehicles. GPS trackers generally have an overspeed alarm function. When the speed exceeds a predetermined value, an alarm will be automatically sent to the driver and the management background. If the driver has an accident, he can also call for help through the SOS alarm of the GPS tracker, and then the manager can Choose whether to use the remote shutdown function to reduce the probability of secondary accidents.


Wanway GS10 not only has the functions of real-time monitoring, track playback, remote flameout, SOS alarm, overspeed alarm, etc., but also has functions such as remote monitoring, power failure alarm, illegal door opening/starting vehicle alarm, fence alarm and blind spot supplementary recording, etc. protect the safety of the vehicle and the driver. Managers can also conduct unified scheduling of all dangerous goods transportation vehicles through the WanwayTrack platform to improve the safety factor of dangerous chemical vehicle transportation.


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