Why set up ACC when installing car GPS trackers?
The ACC detection on the vehicle GPS tracker mainly refers to the ACC signal detection, and the ACC signal detection is mainly used to identify ignition and turn off the ignition.

In the process of understanding GPS, we often hear the term ACC detection, which is not the same concept as the ACC automatic cruise we heard in the vehicle. The ACC detection on the tracking device mainly refers to the ACC signal detection, and the ACC signal detection is mainly used to identify the ignition and flameout status of the vehicle engine.


The ACC signal plays an important role in the application of vehicle-mounted products, and many products need to make different processing methods according to the state of the ACC signal. At present, when detecting the ACC signal of the vehicle, most of the ACC signals of the vehicle are detected by connecting the ACC line in parallel.


As far as WanwayTech's G18 tracking device is concerned, when the connection line of the GPS positioning device is connected to the vehicle's ACC line, once the vehicle's engine is in ignition state, the platform will automatically display on the ACC state, which does not mean that the vehicle is running. state, but the engine state is on, the vehicle may stop or may travel.



GPS Tracker Installation


When the engine state is turned off, the vehicle tracking monitoring platform will show that the ACC state is turned off. In most current scenarios, when the ACC display is turned off, the vehicle is in a stationary state.


If the vehicle tracker has built-in ACC sensing mode, the vehicle mode can be determined by the ACC status. Once the vehicle is abnormal, the platform will issue an alarm. Some devices can also perform operations such as arming and disarming the target vehicle through the ACC mode.


At present, many enterprises and companies will use ACC to determine whether the vehicle is running within the limited time. For example, if corporate vehicles are prohibited from driving between 8:00 pm and 7:00 am, they can use ACC to identify the vehicle status, or WanwayTech's The vehicle monitoring background performs customized ACC monitoring statistics, so as to carry out data management of vehicles.